Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

improv graduation show, Sunday, 8pm at the Hideout

Kareem, Wes, Dave and I will be performing in our Improv Graduation Show tomorrow (Sunday) at 8pm at the Hideout. I can't promise it'll be stellar entertainment, but hey, you'll get to see me, and that's something. The Hideout's near the corner of 7th and Congress. Come out and show you unconditional love, or something. I'm willing to bribe you with beer.

It'd be totally rad to see James, Edith, Tim, Richard, Josh-Stephan, Christina, Meghan, Tom, Brendan, Mindy, Cristina, Mary, Ellen, Zoe, Jennifer, Eric, Chi-chi, Kristin, Bob, Terah, Jennifer, Sheel, Raina, Sarah, Nelson, Nicole, Jill, Methusala, Shannon, Scott, Josh, Todd, ML, Rhonda, Lauren and the rest all there.
Tags: calltoaction, improv
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