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Bone Daddy broke his last string.

Dave, Jin-Young and I were making up some terribly great songs very much like the ole garage days when it just broke.

To give you an idea of what sort of life Bone Daddy led, here's a recording (just now transferred from cassette) that Phil and I made a long time ago. I have tapes and tapes of stuff like this. In this particular song, Phil sings and plays harmonica, and I play Bone Daddy. This one comes from around 1995, I'd say.

Mr. Meathead Ragamuffin, mp3, 2:53

Several times a week my friends and I (including livejournal's own Chris, Phil, and Dana) would get together at my house and have impromptu jam sessions. We made up songs, using Bone Daddy, a beat up trumpet/cornet, noise makers, and anything else lying around. Bone Daddy took a lot of abuse. He started out with at least four strings, and no carvings. He used to be my sister Darlene's guitar back in the 70s. But we used him as a drum as much as we did a guitar, beating on the strings with hangers, drumstricks, and utensils. And Phil started carving designs into him. There's a crane and a dragon and worshippers on the back. I mean, you can' tell from the pictures, but Bone Daddy's coming apart at every conceivable seam. He actually spent about a year in two pieces, the neck and body, still tenuously attached by the strings. Phil Screwed the neck back into place.

We had a tremendous amount of fun.

Maybe one day I'll get some new strings. But for now, rest in peace, old friend.

In other news, Bone Daddy makes a pretty good washboard.
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