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improv improv improv? improv. [Jun. 27th, 2005|02:04 am]
Roy Janik
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It's been an eventful, satisfying weekend. Saturday afternoon was an improv rehearsal thing at the moonbase. We made up an amusing longform series of scenes about a guy who gets his guardian angel to dispose of the bodies of hookers that he kills. Saturday night was Maestro and for once all 4 of us (Dave, Wes, Kareem and I) got to play. I tried a few times to get out of doing the show, but I wound up in anyhow. I got eliminated right away, but I was still happy with the two scenes I did. For posterity: The first was a scene with Amy where a volunteer from the audience was solely responsible for moving us. It turned into a marriage proposal scene. I totally ripped off Chris and Tamara's real life and set it in a Red Lobster. The other scene was the game "held up" where three actors do the voices for each other. So Wes did the voice for me, I did the voice for Shannon, and Shannon did the voice for Wes. Crazy, and hard. It wound up being about an Easter-egg hunt on the moon. It went fine until the end when I got wrapped up in the scene and totally forgot to move my lips while Wes talked. The audience liked it, though. Oh, and Wes and Kareem did an awesome scene from nothing. It started out fairly typical. Wes was firing Kareem from a factory job. But when Andy (who directed) goaded Kareem into "raising the stakes" it was revealed that Wes needed a kidney, and Kareem had refused to give him one of his son's. After that, the scene wrote itself. Drinking ensued afterwards at the Gingerman, and I got to talk at length about Yosemite with someone. Sunday was the first improv long-form class, which turned out to be a lot more physical than I anticipated. Tiring! Then I helped Jin-Young and Dave paint the Embassy back to a bland color. It was quick and fun. And then I went to see Torch play at the Elephant Room. And then I watched the last episode of Fruits Basket.