Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

night before the trip

Ah, it's far too late at night to be up, and yet here I am, in bed, typing away on my Handspring Visor Platinum. Argh. This is especially annoying, since we'll be driving 12 hours tomorrow. Yeah!

I also have the sinking suspicion that my Visor Platinum is in actuality a Visor Deluxe. How's that for paranoia? From all accounts, the Platinums come with Palm OS 3.5. Mine, however, seems to be loaded with Palm OS 3.1. What the fuck? The shell is certainly a Platinum shell, though. Maybe someone at the refurbishing plant screwed up when they reflashed the thing, or maybe some schmo swapped the guts and returned it. I hope that's not the case. So at any rate, I guess I'll go back to Fry's and see what the deal is. That is, maybe the other Platinum's have the proper OS.
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