Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

the most sensational

Here's a depressing and awesome article on why it sucks that Disney now owns the Muppets, and how it's impossible for the Muppets to be irreverent when owned by the a multi-billion dollar corporation:
It’s hard to see how they will fit, intact, into Disney’s cleaner-than-clean, carefuller-than-careful corporate world.

Indeed, as if to illustrate this point, when I contacted Disney its vice-president of corporate communications for Europe replied: “Disney has deemed irreverence as one of the five core equities of the Muppets (humorous, heartwarming, puppet-inspired and topical being the other four).”

I would say that’s pretty much case closed.
Just give me the original show on DVD and leave well enough alone.
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