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My user wants that too. [Dec. 15th, 2000|03:25 am]
Roy Janik
So James, Sara, Wes, Todd, James's boss, James's boss's girlfriend, and I all went to see Tron at the Alamo drafthouse. Since I ordered a beer there, and was already full of a whole bottle of Andre's brand Mimosa, and a Rick's Spiked Lemonade or two, I had a wonderful time. Seriously, it was a blast. Everyone there was a genuine fan of Tron, but no one was afraid to laugh wholeheartedly at the cheesy moments.

For instance, there's a scene where Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is leaning over a dying Ram, in a very homoerotic pose. Flynn leans in closely, and Ram gets an ecstatic look on his face. There's a few seconds of silence, and Ram says "MY USER!" suddenly. The whole audience burst out laughing.

Other highlights: James won a pack of Tron trading cards, circa 1982, for knowing that you can see Mickey Mouse's face during a certain scene in the movie. Also, on the way back to my car, we saw a number of people dancing in front of a Suburban in a mostly empty parking garage. One of the women kept lifting her shirt for all to see. Ah, Austin... What the hell's wrong with you?

D&D went really well tonight. When I got there, I got drunk pretty quick (thanks to my wonderful friend Mimosa, which is also my favorite type of tree). Our group got trapped by the bad guys and locked in a cage. Since my character is the leader of the party, we were sortof screwed for awhile, owing to the fact that I was laying on the carpet, and couldn't get my logic circuits firing. Eventually, however, I sobered up, got back in my chair, and caim up with a plan that actually worked. So that's good.

On another note, my last final is tomorrow at 7pm. I'm screwed, but at least it'll all be over soon.