Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

The things I never missed are things I can't resist.

Okay, it's got problems, but my fingers are too tired to try again.

So here's a recording I made a few minutes ago with my ukulele of Cliff Edwards's "That's My Weakness Now".

That's My Weakness Now (a Cliff Edwards tune), Roy, mp3, 1.0M

I used the blue Mahalo uke cuz I liked the plinky sound better.

This is all part of my new master plan for success, or at least forward motion. Wanna hear it? Here it goes.

Every day I'm going to make something new and present it to the world. A lot of it will suck. But we'll all get to watch me live and grow and stuff. But just "making something new" ain't good enough. Let's get more specific, shall we?

Sunday-  Moonbase. I'll clean/redecorate something in Dinosaur Moonbase One and take pictures.
Monday- Writing. I'll write a short, self-contained story of some sort. Or as an extra challenge, a sketch.
Tuesday- Doodles. I'll draw something, scan it, and put it up for your viewing pleasure.
Wednesday- Music. I'll record and upload a tune on the concertina.
Thursday- Writing, long-form. I'll write the next bit in some sort of continuing story.
Friday- day of rest/wild card.
Saturday- Music. I'll record and upload a song on the ukulele. If I'm feeling particularly surly it'll be an original.

I may start a new blog/livejournal/website for this so that you're not just inundated with crap.

I'm serious about this plan, and I'm going to do it. See if I don't.

Tags: lies, photo, productivity
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