Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

The biggest news is that my concertina is ready!! Or near enough as makes no matter:

I just assembled the instrument for the first time this afternoon and it's playing very nicely. There will be several days of tuning and some fine adjustment needed but I think I can get it out by the end of next week. I really like the redwood burl - it has a nice warm glow to it.

My check is already on its way to him.

My productivity plan has also changed a bit. Tuesdays are now another wildcard/day of. Mondays will now be for doodles, and Thursdays are now the catch-all writing day. Not to say that I won't write on Tuesdays if the mood strikes. The reason for this is that at least for now, I will always have the improv jam on Tuesday, and I'm hard pressed to do anything else afterwards. So think of Tuesdays as improv productivity day if you must.

And finally, here are the first three panels from a story called The Golden Idol. I like how the backgrounds turned out. I just got bored with construction paper. Click on ze thumbnail to see the whole thing.

Oh! And The Flametrick Subs are recording a live DVD at Antone's tonight. The pirate's coming up from Houston and everything. You should totally go.

Tags: concertina, doodles, golden idol story, productivity
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