Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Subbing for George

The Subs show was really good last night. Kareem and I got there way early because I'm a huge dork and wanted to make sure that I was front and center for the show. They were recording a live DVD, so there was this huge dolly/camera rig setup right in front of the stage. The whole night this huge thing would move back and forth- one guy sitting on it, one guy pushing/pulling it, and another guy making sure the a/v wires were out of the way. It actually wasn't that big of an annoyance, and when it went by, you could see the shot in the monitors. Those guys really knew their stuff.

Since it was a recording, the Subs were a little more spiffed up than usual. And there were 6 of Satan's Cheerleaders on stage, which meant that there was only 1 in reserve. Must've been tiring. Speaking of, we met one of the Cheerleaders' moms. She pointed out her daughter to us and told how proud she was of her. How cool is that? On a sadder, more hilarious note, Pinetop Perkins, legendary blues artist was there as well. He wandered up to the front of the stage and tried to hand the Subs some of his CDs. I was fairly certain that he was going to get mowed down by the dolly.

Phil (pirate Phil, not improv Phil) came up from Houston with some of his posse. It was great to see him again. That crazy bastard drove back to Houston after the show. An extra special super bonus was that Christina showed up. We caught up on each others' lives during the breaks between songs and the long-ass monologues. Hi!

Finally, here's a concertina recording (made this morning). I'm sorry about the crazy volume stuff going on. It's hard to mic a concertina, doubly so if you only have one mic. I was running short on time, so I tried to bring down the volume of the right hand bits "in post" and wound up doing some weird stuff to the sound. Just listened to it again, and it's not so bad, so... enjoy:

George B., concertina, mp3
Tags: audio, concertina, flametrick subs, imadethis, music, productivity
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