Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

So tomorrow I'm-a going to be in a live sketch comedy show. 9pm at the Hideout. We've been working on this thing for a month and a half or something, so please come see it. And by we I mean Kareem, Wes, me, Chris Allen, Andy P., Highschool Andy, Sara Farr, Jill Morriss, and Trevor Allen.It's only the one performance, so this is your only chance. Eric, take notes for ideas for a Bastard Squad show.

It's worth seeing just for the amazing rapidity at which we all change costumes. Oh, and since you're super-special and whatnot, you should know that there's going to be a post-show party at Dinosaur Moonbase One. You are, of course, invited.

Oh! And don't forget your coupon:
Tags: brokenimage, hooversblanket
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