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Roy Janik

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[Aug. 30th, 2005|07:36 am]
Roy Janik
[Tags|, ]

I don't know if you know warhol, but his adventures living in Mexico are well worth the read. In today's installment, thrill as he bribes a police officer.

[User Picture]From: warhol
2005-08-30 12:46 pm (UTC)


Oh, great, just announce it to the world! Hello, everybody, warhol contributes to the corruption of Mexican officials!

If this comes back to haunt me during some Senate confirmation hearings, I'm coming after you.
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[User Picture]From: kbadr
2005-08-30 03:55 pm (UTC)

Re: hee.

I like that you totally fucked with the guy and pretended to not understand Spanish. I can just picture the argument regarding the semantics of the use of the plural form of "plates." Hi-larity.
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[User Picture]From: warhol
2005-08-31 03:41 am (UTC)

Re: hee.

Hey, if he was just out to extort money from me (which really is the case in most encounters like this), my best strategy is to frustrate him to the point that he gives up and lets me go free.

So... close.... if only I hadn't let on that I spoke the language a little bit.
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