Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

You too can track my long-awaited concertina, as it winds its way to my loving arms:

Clicky, clicky UPS-y

Hell, through the magic of an RSS bridge and livejournal syndication, you can even add the tracker to your friends list if you like.
UPDATE: She's in Lexington, KY

The annoying thing is even though it's being sent 2nd Day Air, I won't see it until Tuesday. The weekend and the fact that Monday is a holiday are conspiring against me.

Man, the internet, huh? What a wonderful, annoying, and creepy place. It has made my life a little brighter, though, especially after discovering a new, full-streaming audio/video chicken coop. Sometimes there are goats!
Tags: concertina
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