Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Red, red blyech!

Okay, you're probably getting sick of me going into excruciating detail about my drunken revelries by now, but I've got one more night to add to the fire, and it's a doozie. I thought it was going to be really interesting, until I read about Wes's night. God damn showboat.

At any rate, James and Sara have a friend, whose birthday party was last night. Evidentially, this particular crowd of people is filled with artists and musicians, which is cool, because I don't really travel in such circles very often. The theme of the party was wine, so we bought a couple of bottles and headed that way.

The house was very nice. In the back, they had a fire pit, and a campfire going. There were some drums in the back, and various guitarists took turns playing and singing. Not knowing anyone, I stuck close to James and Sara. I did talk to a number of people, though, and they were all very nice. The cheese and bread was good as well.

And, of course, I drank wine. Lots of it. Coupled with the fact that the only thing I had had to eat all day was a package of broccoli, I was a goner. Turns out that wine sneaks up on you. I was doing fine for awhile, until I sat down in the living room, talking to some people. Quick aside: It was very surreal to be sitting in this party, and to suddenly hear Sara's music come on over the speakers. I've never heard any "produced" and recorded music of her's, and I must say it sounded wonderful. It was just strange for it to suddenly come on like that. At any rate, time became sort of a blur, and when I tried to stand up I realized that I needed to get outside.

James and Sara came out eventually, and we got up to leave.

And I threw up. I've now thrown up thrice in my life from drinking too much, and James has been around to witness two of these occasions. It was not a pleasant experience, though the little bulimic Roy inside me was whispering "at least now you don't have to worry about the caloric content of that cheese." :) Bad, bad.

I also feel bad for being the guest of James and Sara, and being a drunken fool at a party where I knew no one. I don't think anyone noticed me getting sick, though.

James and Sara drove me to their place, where I crashed out on the couch. Here time really gets fucked up, and I don't remember the order of things at all. At some point James went to Whataburger and got me a Whatachicken sandwich, which I ate quickly.

By far the best part of the night, however, was hearing Sara play and sing her song "Shadows" while I was really really drunk on the couch. James informs me that it's the song he saw her playing on TV during their first date. It's my favorite song of hers, and I wish I could share it with all of you. I'll try to get a recording of it, and turn it into an mp3. The funny thing is, I don't remember her getting out her guitar, or whose idea it was for her to sing, or whether I requested the song, or what. Odd. :)

So I fell asleep on the couch, had some bad dreams, and woke up 'round 11. Now I don't feel so good.

The good news is, I think the "drink the town away" phase of my vacation is over with. At least until Chris and Tamara come to Texas, that is.
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