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I just got back from a Topwise show at a house party. Topwise is a band fronted by James. They do (or rather did) a lot of great covers, mostly from the 80s. They're at their top form when James is snarling British punk, but they also do songs like The Dukes of Hazzard, Sweet Home Alabama, and Turning Japanese, which is my personal favorite. Since I was recovering from last night's wine binge, I did not drink a drop of alcohol. I had a blast, though. There were lots of Knighthood of Buh people there, too, including: Cha-chee, Chi-chi, Todd, Kareem (who's also the bass player), James, Eric, Wes, and Mindy. The funny thing about this show was that it was Topwise's last performance. This wouldn't be so odd except that the last time I was at a Topwise show, it was ALSO their last performance. Figure that one out.

So I've decided that when my new band forms, every show will be our last. It'll be great. We'll do a bunch of crazy shit that we wouldn't "normally do". We'll thank everyone, cry, etc.. Now that we've got a gimmick, all we need are some people to be in the band, and some songs, and some practice time, and some places to play.

At any rate, I actually brought along my mini-disc recorder to the show, so as soon as I get around to it, I'll put up some mp3s. No promise about quality, though.
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