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ghosts and bears.

Doing a Halloween Maestro was something of a paradox. We went all out- wore costumes, gave out candy, played Halloween-themed music, and did a Halloween-themed show. But since it's Halloween weekend, we were trumped by the madness on 6th street. So our audience was pretty damn small.

Even so, it was a fun show, and I picked up my 3rd Maestro win. Also, for the first time ever I brought my ukulele with me onstage (nominally as part of my costume). I had several opportunities to use it, too. My favorite one was where we did the "clump comically" game. We played a serial killer, and One by one we peeled off to be killed. "Hey let's kill the Corpse Bride! Yes!" It got to me, and I played a little song on my uke before they killed me. Something like:

"I'm just an innocent boy,
My heart is filled with joy,
Oh I sure hope I make it home,
Cuz the orphans I provide for are all alone."

That wasn't it, but it was in that spirit.

There were spots of brilliance in the show. Kareem's mafia car-thief in the speed-dating scene was awesome. And despite the luke-warm audience reception I really enjoyed Wes and Val's He Said/She Said.

And before Maestro was Start Trekkin'. It was the best one I've seen this season. And Kareem got to play a character that didn't die off, and was in a a fairly large sub-plot.

Pictures of the night (mostly from Start Trekkin') are here:
Tags: bigmoment, halloween, improv, maestro
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