Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

improv christmas show wrapup

The show last night was a lot of fun. I can definitely feel us getting better. It's a good feeling. We had a special Christmas format.

Wes brought a Christmas tree and set it up stage left, in front of the stage. We had drawn secret santa names and purchased gifts. Those went under the tree as well. All of this was hidden from view.

Valerie introduced the show. She also introduced Kaci as the newest kitten to much applause. She then took a suggestion to start the show. Someone yelled out 'volunteerism' and a few other things were yelled. Valerie said "I heard Christmas". The audience laughed at this obvious ruse. The lights went out and someone plugged in the tree. The audience actually "awwwed" at that.

The lights came up to me in a chair wearing a scarf, a Santa hat, and holding a pipe. I explained that we'd gotten gifts for each other and that we'd use those to inspire a series of scenes. So between each scene I would reappear and give a gift out.

The best part was that most of the scenes went well, and when they started to stall we found ways to turn them around. It felt good.

Hell, any show where I get to play both Jesus and Luigi is a win in my book.
Tags: improv, pgraph
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