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First off, I'm fine, the car is fine, and there were no repurcussions for me. That being said...

So I was driving back to the Moonbase from dropping Kaci and Phil off. I was just about home, around where 360 South merges into 71, when my car stalled out. I was still coasting, though, so I put on my flashers and coasted for a bit. Eventually I pulled off to the curb. It was then I figured out that I was probably out of gas. I had noticed it was low before, but had forgotten about that on the way home. I started the car again, leaving the flashers on and started towards the S. 1st exit. The car stalled again almost immediately, but it was a downhill slope by this point, so I kept going.

Unfortunately, this car behind me didn't notice my flashers and came up on me fast. He eventually figured it out, slammed on his brakes, and was hit from behind. He spun out of control and went all over the damn place, comining insanely close to slamming into me. He was hit by another car, I think. My car didn't get hit, so I coasted off to the side, stopped, and ran back up to see if everyone was okay. One lady had a bloody nose, and the driver of the car behind me had a sore arm, but other than that the people were fine.

The guy who had been behind me didn't even remember what happened. He didn't remember my car, its flashers, or braking. He only remembered getting slammed from behind. I've been there. The last accident I was in, I couldn't remember any details of the few seconds preceding it. I think such a traumatic event just wipes your short-term memory.

The cops, an ambulence, a tow truck, and 2 firetrucks showed up in short order. The cops talked to me briefly, but once it was determined that I wasn't in the accident, they told me to hang tight.

The guy from the spinning car's wife showed up and talked to me for a bit, and seems pleased that I stopped at all. She was chatty and conversational.

At some point the formerly spinning car caught fire and smoke started billowing out for a bit. This distracted the firemen and cops for a while as they pulled burning things out of the car.

Finally a cop talked to me and said "We don't really need you," and the guy's wife said "But I thought it was real nice that he stopped." The cop said "Yes, it was. Go see if your car starts, and if it doesn't, we'll see about helping."

I started my car, and limped to the nearest gas station. They never took my name, my license plate, or anything.

I know it wasn't really my fault. The guy behind me clearly wasn't paying enough attention. But I still feel bad. Three cars hosed and some possible injuries that wouldn't have happened had I remembered to get gas.

Plus there's the fact that if any minor factors had changed, I could have wound up in the accident myself, or someone could have wound up severely injured as a result.

I feel strange.
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