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Opal Divine's: Take Two

Well, Wes and I hit Opal Divine's tonight. I had two amerreto sours, a Bass, and some other kindof beer, and I didn't get drunk. Only slightly tipsy, which is what I was looking for. As soon as I walked in, Roseanne the bartender recognized me, probably due to my hat and/or eris necklace. So that felt good. Wes and I headed to the dart room. Jarred showed up (see Wes's amazing adventure for more info). He remembered my name, and when it came time for us to order food, he hooked us up phat. Wes ordered fried mushrooms and fries, and we literally had plates full. I ordered a veggie hoagie, and Jared used his own "special" recipe. Quite good. Come to think of it, Roseanne hooked us up, too, because the rum and coke I ordered for Wes had precious little coke in it. So it was a nice place, and we felt wanted.

While we were there, an older man, his wife, and daughter (around 25) hung out. They were REALLY drunk, all of them. The father was the most gone, and he kept telling Jarred, Wes, and I how great drunk chicks were, referring to his wife and daughter. Sheesh! The best part is, they skipped out on the check.

I did manage to write about two pages of Fat Grackle tonight, so it's coming along fairly well.

Also, the guy Wes met who plays sports with the guys from Digital Anvil was there.

Did I mention Wes was wearing his kilt?
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