Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Yesterday I purchase Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix from Target. It's DDR for the Gamecube, but instead of featuring a bunch of modern dance songs, it contains remixes of classic Mario Bros. songs and public domain songs. It also has mini-games and a Story Mode. I beat Story Mode last night before going to sleep, but I did it on Easy. And Easy in Mario Mix is really stupidly easy. For starters, it only used the left and right arrows for the entire game. I only had one 'late' step the entire game, and no misses. From what I hear, Mario Mix has five levels of difficulty, and only the highest one is of any challenge to a serious DDR player. Beating the game unlocked a bunch of songs, though, so that's good.

Today I hope to beat it on Normal mode.

Tags: fitness, games
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