Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

I performed in the Sinus Show tonight, subbing for John Erler. The movie was Footloose. And happily, it went well!

I didn't screw up too badly or anything, so woo. During the skit in the middle I got to dress up as the chick from the movie, complete with super tight jeans, a shiny halter top, a red bra, and an awful brown wig. I was totally hot. The skit was also musical, so I got to sing.

Jerm and Owen both said I did a great job, and that they were surprised by how many of the jokes I managed to pull off. Afterwards, I got lots of compliments from the audience people, too. There was this one fan-boy in particular who I thought would hate me, since he was so fantatical, but he said I did an awesome job.

It's a really weird sensation to do a joke and have 200+ people laugh at it.

We actually did warmups before the first show. For you improv nerds, we did soundball, duh-da-da, and song circle. And I wasn't really that nervous, for some reason. I guess because I'd rehearsed it so much this past week. I actually was way more nervous before our improv shows on Thursday and Friday.

Oh, and after the 2nd show, as I was standing behind the merchandise counter, I looked left and saw Quentin Tarintino being amusing to a small crowd of people. I don't think he actually saw the show, but I like to pretend he did.

But I did meet several people who had seen Parallelogramophonograph perform before (and liked it). And I pointed at least one guy to our website. And Jerm and Owen mentioned the troupe and stuff several times during the show.

Speaking of the troupe, I talked to Drafthouse Henri before and after the 2nd show. He saw 3,2,1 Kill! and really liked it. As he said, "I just saw the rest of your band-mates in a show . It was really impressive." He said that when all the sketches came together at the end it blew his mind.

Oh, and I hear that Kaci won Maestro, in the first ever tie with Doug.


But enough about me.
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