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Kaci and I saw a midnight showing of Pirates of the Carribean when it opened. It was good, though not as enjoyable as the first movie to me. But I still enjoyed it.

My favorite part of the movie by far, though, was when a concertina suddenly appeared in the Tortuga scene. Not only was it onscreen, but it was clearly actually in the soundtrack, too. Too often concertinas are seen onscreen only to be replaced by an accordian, soundwise. The pirate playing it seemed to have a fair idea what he was doing, too.

As to the concertina, I have no idea what its make or model was. I did notice that it had bellows papers. The fine people on say that it was an anglo 20 button. So my guess would be that it was a Lachenal or Wheatstone.

The other funny thing is that the movie takes place in what, the 1770s or something? The concertina wasn't invented until 1830 or so. Of course, if you're willing to accept curses, squid people and magical compasses, you might as well accept one anachronistic concertina.

Speaking of, I started playing my concertina again last night. Every time I do, I get sad, because I'm not paying it the proper attention it deserves. Maybe, just maybe, I can motivate myself again.

Please, if you haven't already, click here, fill out your info, and put in Parallelogramophonograph for "Improv Group". You don't have to reside in Austin to vote.

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