Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

a blindfold, throwing fruit, and a celebrity

The wedding was a dignfied, solemn affair...

Pictures from Cha-chee's wedding are finally up, now that I've gotten around to fixing my image gallery.

You can view them all here.

Loads of shows this weekend.
Thursday- PGraph in the Thursday Night Awesome, 8 O'clock sharp at the Hideout
Friday- PGraph in the Threefer, 8 O'clock sharp at the Hideout
Friday- debut of Double Barrel (with Bearded Lamb and The Knuckleball now), 10:00pm at the Hideout*
*I'm not performing in this, but I'm overseeing the rebranding of this timeslot. Should be interesting.

Friday- Kaci in the Cagematch, 11:30pm at the Hideout
Saturday- 321 Kill! Video improv with PGraph, Coldtowne, Tight, and others, 8:00pm at the Hideout
Saturday- Gorilla Theatre with much of PGraph and others, 11:30pm at the Hideout.

By the way, there's a surprise in the background of the picture above.
Tags: calltoaction, wedding
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