Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Tarantulas in the motherfuckin' top 20

Well, we didn't win the Blanks on a Blank competition.

But we did make it into the top 20, so that's something.

Congratulations to Chi-chi and his team for taking first fucking place with Racoons on a Space Shuttle.


To quote the e-mail:
And the winners are...
FIRST PLACE: Raccoons On A Space Shuttle, Mascot
SECOND PLACE: Eagles On A Chariot, Long Live Megatron
THIRD PLACE: Sloths On A Tank, Enspire
And then rounding out the top 20 that will be included in the "Best Of" show next Thursday before the Snakes on a plane premiere and will then be available for sale to the general public and viewed by David Ellis and New Line executives looking for ideas for a real Snakes sequel we have, in no particular order (because the votes were motherfucking close and came out to decimel points anyway):
Cows On A Popemobile
Pigs On A Bicycle
Rooster On A Moped
Ducks On A Motorcycle
Eagles On A Hybrid
Chickens On A Hearse
Donkeys On A Bus
Tarantulas On A Hovercraft
Sheep On A Surfboard
Giraffes On A Hot Air Balloon
Rhinos On A Bus
Hedgehogs On A Hummer
Camels On A Wheelchair
Aardvarks On A Surfboard
Ducks On A Scooter
Pandas On An RV
Gorillas On An RV
The results for Audience Award for local screenings will be announced early next week, after we get a chance to maybe get some sleep tomorrow night and then count the ballots from those screenings.
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