Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Something about a bus... I wasn't listening

Last night improv won.

We (PGraph) were first up in the Double Barrel, and we had a really fun, well-connected show. We actually got it on tape for once, so maybe we have a new festival submission video. We'll see if any portion of the stage gets too cut off in the film.

Since Kaci and I were busy performing, we turned over hosting duties to Mike, AKA Uncle Sweaty. He did an outstanding job, and we'll definitely have him on more.  We also had Jen Cargill take notes on our show and give us pointers afterwards. She had some really insightful things to say that we'll no doubt take to heart. During the show some girls in the front row held up signs that said "We Love PGraph" or something like that. How cool is that? And before the show a very well-dressed British gentleman recognized me from Tarantulas on a Hovercraft. He said that it was his favorite Blanks on a Blank film. And then he came and watched the show.

Up next was You Me & Greg. I saw only 2 seconds of their show, but it was a nice bit to walk in on. I walked in and Greg was saying "Wait, if you can read our minds, how do you know who is thinking?" I heard loads of laughter while I was outside the theater, so I can only assume the rest of their show was as awesome as that.

Next was the Cagematch, which pitted Valerie & Eric (as One Two) against the Bridgeport Women's Correctional Facility Short-Form Players (Kaci, Jenn, Jill & Rachel reprezentin'). Holy crap was that a good Cagematch. Valerie did her usual format of having a director (Eric) coach her through a longform narrative. But she had something up her sleeve. Halfway through Eric and Val got into a fight, and Eric left in a huff, telling Val to "do it yourself". Valerie did, switching between being both the performer and the director. Eventually she got in a fight with the director again (herself), and it turned physical... rolling on the ground, death threats, etc... Great stuff.

Then the BWCFSFP came out and rocked the house. These prisoners were foul, sassy, and filthy. Scenes fell apart, or dissolved into lesbian make-outs. Kaci revealed some surprising aspects of her character (like her love of the arts), and Jenn threatened to kill everyone. It was tremendous. Plus, Kaci looked great in her wife-beater artfully arranged to show off her midriff.

So yeah, a great night of improv.

Tags: improv, pgraph, victory
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