Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

In a world where it's always 10:30, shoelaces untie randomly, and no one can guess numbers

Yum. Tonight's PGraph show at the Carousel Lounge was really fun and exactly what I needed. It was a small audience, but they enjoyed themselves.

We decided to do some straight up scenework, since the bar was quiet and friendly. The only game we played was 3 things, and it went off well, even though Kareem thought my dinosaur was a bear and couldn't guess Arch Duke Ferdinand. The Uke Scene went well, too

Seeing 3-For-All and Double Feature this weekend reaffirmed to me that I'm in improv for the long haul. We're talking life's work type long haul, people.

Tags: carousellounge, improv, pgraph
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