Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

first night down

The show in the Big Ha! festival last night was highly successful. We did a straight-up longform. Our suggestion was "medical devices" or something like that, and we wound up telling a story about an awful doctor and some highly strange pacemakers. Anyhow, it did well.

But let me back up. After Parallelogramophonograph's show in the Thursday Night Awesome (another fun show), Kaci and went and packed up our things for the trip. Jeremy came and picked us up at the Moonbase in his van, which is totally sweet. The back is a bed, the front has three seats, there are lights for reading, and Jeremy has XM radio. We picked up Ace and got on the road around 10pm.

For the next 13 hours Ace and Jeremy took turns driving and sleeping. I slept for a while on the initial leg, but then stayed up and chatted with Jeremy for a while. While traveling, gas prices got progressively cheaper, until we eventually found gas for $1.99. wow. Tell your grandkids.

We arrived in Omaha around 2pm. on Friday. Our hotel wouldn't check us in, so we wandered over to the Magic Theater, which is practically next door. Holy Christ, it is awesome and old. It started life as a department store in what looks like the 30s. Art Deco all over the place. Then in the 70s it became an experimental theatre space. But apparently they never did away with the majority of the decor. Downstairs, painted on the wall fancy script, it still says "Jewelry, Accessories, Negligees", or something like that. This place is HUGE. There's underground tunnels that contain random stuff from every decade. There's an abandoned Jewelry store that served as the green room, and it has a huge safe, 80s style mannequins, and a chair made out of motorcycles. Downstairs, they had a projection room set up for spill-over crowds to watch the show live on a screen.

The theater sits about 200 people, and it sold out. There were 4 troupes performing, including us. The Skinny Improv did shortform games, but we didn't see them because we were going 2nd. Then came our show. Then the Weisenheimers (shortform), and then the host troupe, 88 Improv (longform). The Weisenheimers had the best solo singing improviser I've ever seen. He had an absolute mastery of the musical genres, subject matters and rhyming. 88 Improv did a longform narrative with a really interesting form. Basically, the first person on stage does a solo scene. They're pinned as the protagonist, and that is the only character they play throughout the show. Everyone else is freed up to play color/supporting character to that one person.

After the shows most of the improvisers went to the Village Inn, a crappy Denny's knockoff. But it was nice getting to know people.

The other shows we saw were really good, as well.
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