Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

big ha! part 2

back from Omaha and the Big Ha! Festival.

The second show was just as much fun and just as successful. The plot was not as cohesive as the first night's, but it was more playful, so it all balanced out. I took more risks and threw myself out more, and that was satisfying. The story this time involved a stockbroker getting fed up with his job, getting married, and moving to London (that all came from an audience interview). Of course, it also turned out that he was a spy, had hypnotized his wife and set off an attack of model airplanes  and cambodian children disguised as teddy bears.

After the shows all the troupes hung out at the theater, talked, drank and ate pizza. At around 2, we left, got our stuff together and started the long trek back to Austin. The drive home was pretty hellacious. I decided to try and stay up and keep the drivers (Ace and Jeremy) company. I failed pretty miserably at that.

This trip was something of a breakthrough experience for me- peforming improv in front of a crowd of 200 people, holding my own in a 4 person show, and meeting lots of great people.

Catching up with Wes and Kareem, I was happy to learn that improv here in Austin went great, too- that it was one of the best Cops & Lawyers to date, that my fellow fill-in Sinus Show partner Joe came and won Maestro, and that Wes's Blank Show kicked ass.

And Valerie got a job!

Great times are here. And better times are ahead.

Also, hypo-allergenic cats can now be bought for 4000 dollars.
Tags: bigha, improv, omaha
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