Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Scott & Angela's X-Mas shindig.

Scott, Angela, Avery, Wes, Colleen, and I all got together and exchanged gifts tonight (At Scott & Angela's house). There was some yummy derby pie that Angela made, which brought back fond memories of the Liberty Cafe' in Tuscaloosa. I'd love to go back there someday, except for the fact that it no longer exists! Sigh.

At any rate, Avery was looking radiant in her little red dress, and was the hit of the party. I, myself, was kickin' it oldschool in a V-91 t-shirt and flannel. An old standby that never gets old.To sum up, we drank a little, and exchanged gifts... Let's see if I can remember.

Colleen had a theme, one I had figured out as soon as I heard that she had one. If Wes, Angela, Scott, and I were all receiving similar gifts, they could only be about two things: 1) baby wrestling, or 2) Harry Potter. Surprisingly, the theme turned out to be the second. I got a fucking awesome blue Gryffindor bathrobe, which I'm wearing now. For the first time in my life, I finally have a bathrobe. I'm as pleased as punch, and 3 out of 4 punchologists agree that punch is pretty pleased.

From Scott & Angela, I received Summoner, my second game for the PS2. Being an RPG, this neccesitates me owning a memory card, so I immediately ran out and purchased one. Twist my arm.

Wes got me Fantasia 2000 on DVD, which was great on the big screen. The Firebird Suite/Wood Sprites sequence is simply stunning.

Since I bought Scott & Angela Bust-A-Move 4 for the Dreamcast, we proceeded to play that for a long while, and to drink champagne.

A fun night, and no one even got drunk. Well, maybe Scott... I'll have to ask.
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