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a little more now, please

Okay, now that my headache has subsided...

Going to the Texas Renaissance Faire yesterday was a relaxing experience. It turned out to just be myself, Kaci and Wes. We were all of the same mindset with regards to how we wanted to spend the day. We didn't have any burning agendas, and we weren't in a hurry. We just meandered about and experienced the thing. We grabbed a few bottles of mead, including the ole  Chaucer's standby (the Budweiser of mead, I'm told) and some cranberry mead from the Purple Possum Winery in Navasota. That got us pleasantly buzzed over time, but not aggressively so. Wes bought a gigantic sword (6 foot Japanese dealy), Kaci acquired a black cloak to flesh out her outfit further, and we all three acquired new hats.

Kaci's looks like a traditional 'orphan' hat, save for the bow on the side, making her Ms. Orphan, much like Ms. Pacman.

Wes got a 1930s leather carnie/cabbie hat, inspired by frequent vewing of Carnivale.

I purchase a felt bowler type hat that can be transformed into 6 different configurations... great for improv.
With The Brobdingnagian Bards and The Flying Fish Sailors both gone from the festival, my only musical priority was to see E Muzeki play. Fortunately, they were at a bigger stage with an insane number of performances lined up for the day, so they were easy to catch. It was crazy to see how much more attentiona they had this year.

Wes naturally wanted to catch Tartanic and their bagpipe music. They had upgraded their act, too. They were much more polished and playing to a huge stage.

We caught the parade, too. The parade really demonstrated the reduced cast. It seemed to be super short and somewhat lackluster compared to previous years. This was also the first time at faire that Misty, Dana and/or Phil weren't working. That felt strange and unnatural.

Kaci and Wes rode the Dizzy Dragon and seemed to have way too much fun doing it. We shot arrows, and I actually managed to hit the target a few times. We threw axes. Kaci beaned the insult guy square in the forehead with a tomato (thus passing the challenge and ensuring her place in the troupe for another year).

Food wise, we weren't as glutenous as last year. That being said, turkey legs, italian ices, apple dumplings, and kettle corn were consumed with glee.

Since we were in no rush, we stayed to watch the fireworks over the lake, and they were surprisingly good. There some new fireworks out that I've never seen before that do this awesome scatter like effect.

On the way home we stopped at Waffle House. There were two other groups from the Ren. Faire there, even though it was just on the outskirts of Austin. I guess everyone else had the same idea.

Good times.

My headache started kicking in at Waffle House, though, and soon became unbearable. We made it to Wes's and I passed out watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I didn't watch much of it, but I remember trying to cling to lucidity so I could make sure that Kaci was enjoying it. I think she did.
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