Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

I voted

I voted this morning at Dawson Elementary School, a few blocks from the Moonbase. I brought a comic book along with me to pass the time while I waited (Batman: Contagion). Unfortunately, there was no time to pass. There were only 4 people ahead of me in line. Hopefully it'll pick up later.

In general, I despise the fact that there's a de-facto 2 party system in this country. In particular, I can't stand the fact that there's a "straight-ticket" voting option on ballots. That being said, I more or less voted straight Democratic this time around. When there wasn't a Democrat running, I voted Libertarian, more out of spite against Republicans than in support of the Libertarian nut-jobs. Plus, it doesn't hurt to throw Wesley Anne Marie Bain a bone every once in a while. You wouldn't want that guy on your bad side.

I tried to be conscientious. Last night I downloaded the League of Women Voters impartial voting guide thing, but it didn't really change my mind about anything. To be honest, all the politicians sounded like people I'd hate. Kinky sounded the most reasonable, but I just couldn't bring myself to vote for him.

Proposition-wise, I voted for everything except the 90 million dollar library.

Why I feel the need to tell the public how I voted, I don't know. But there you have it.

And now it's off to take Kaci to vote... in Williamson County.

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