Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

we can't sit still, we can't sit down

Just so you know, I bought that ipod shuffle. So far so good. I actually enjoy making a very definite playlist and listening to it in the car. I keep thinking "Wow, I really like this song!" when the next one comes on and then remembering that I handpicked it to be on the ipod. When I went flyering I listened to it the whole time... mainly to a Batman audiobook covering the Knightfall storyline.

Speaking of, I'm kinda getting into Batman now. It's an occupational hazard with dating Kaci, I guess. I'm surprised I lasted this long. But I'm a sucker for graphic novels, and she had a number lying around.

Kaci's also right about Robin, surprisingly. Maybe it's my improv training, but the stories are their most compelling to me when the relationships between Batman and those close to him are explored, strained, or put to the test. Batman figuring out clues by himself, or internal-monologuing while leaping around the city is interesting, but I can only take so much.

Right now I am at work, and I will probably be at work later tonight.

As I was telling Kareem earlier, it's really hard to stay focused on work when I'm happy with improv. After last weeks string of shows, my mind is abuzz with ideas and plans and motivation... but there's work to be done.
Tags: improv, technology
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