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at the dentist... About to get fit for a crown... For 45 minutes. Yikes.

*update*: All done. The whole thing was quite interesting. I found it more amusing than excrutiating that people were drilling stuff inside my mouth. Also, they numbed the whole left side of my mouth. It and half my tongue are still numb. It is extremely weird to touch part of your body when it's numb like that. It feels... spongy, fleshy... foreign. Apparently I also bit my tongue once when asked to close my mouth. I didn't feel it. Also, they have this little vacuum that sucks excess water out of your mouth. You close your mouth around it, and wind up looking/feeling somewhat like a hamster.

So now I wait several weeks for the crown to get made by some place in California. In the meantime, I have a temporary crown. It's shiny and silver. Awesome.

The numbness is starting to go away. I wonder if it'll hurt.
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