Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

what a feeling!

It seems I'm doing the Sinus Show again this weekend. This time it's for the Austin Lindy Exchange, a national convention in Austin for swing and lindy dancers. We'll be doing Flashdance in the middle of the day on Saturday.

This time around I'm learning Owen's lines. I think his style of humor is a pretty good match for me, but he also tends to tell the most jokes, so it's a little bit more challenging.

I'd never actually seen Flashdance before yesterday. Dear God that is a terrible movie. Footloose I actually respect in many ways, but Flashdance is worthless. It'll be fun to shoot it in the head repeatedly.

It should be pretty sweet, and I should make just enough money to pay for the uninsured portion of my dental work.
Tags: sinusshow
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