Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

new shoes

I woke up at 8:30 this morning. Not sure why. I got online, and read an article about how there were actually lots of Wii's out there. I hadn't planned on buying one at launch, but I was bored. So I said to hell with it and set off in search of a game system I won't have time to play.

I searched Target, Target Greatlands, Wal-Mart, CompUSA, Circuit City, Best Buy, and Gamestop to no avail. I guess it's popular or something. I'm sure I'll get my chance soon enough. And if not, well, it's money I shouldn't be spending anyways.

I did buy new Vans, today, though. My old ones had holes worn through on the sides thanks to me having wide feet. The new ones are grey and black checkered dealies, and should last me another 5 months or so.

PGraph's Wafflefest show went really well. It's gratifying to get heartfelt comments from people afterwards.

Oh, and today Kaci and I got recognized for being improvisers.
Tags: improv, pgraph, wafflefest, wii
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