Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

black friday

Left Wes's around 4:15 this morning. Since we were up, Kaci and I decided to go to Best Buy since it opened at 5. The crowd was insane, and the line inside wrapped around the entire store. I'm not even sure why we went, except that I had some foolish notion of finding a Wii. Maybe if I had started camping out at 10... We did buy some stuff (USB thumb drive, 2 gig, 29 dollars), and then headed for the mall. The mall was surprisingly calm and pretty empty. Kaci bought some actual gifts, and I bought the 3rd Hikaru No Go video.

Then we went back to sleep, and just woke up around 3:30.

Tonight, we're hosting the Double Barrel. But until then, we're responsibility free.


(P.S. Find me a Wii. Buy it, and I'll pay you back.)
Tags: thanksgiving, wii
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