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Roy Janik

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the crown weighs heavy. [Dec. 15th, 2006|12:58 pm]
Roy Janik

My permanent crown has been put in. It looks like my other teeth, but without as deep a depression as they have. It feels fine.
My teeth have also been cleaned. They didn't require "deep cleaning", but it was still pretty intense.
My wisdom teeth should probably come out, but my dentist didn't seem particularly adament about it, and just said that it would make cleaning easier. He told me to schedule it whenever I had a few days free.

all this cleanliness makes me want to get a haircut.

[User Picture]From: dameaux
2006-12-16 03:43 am (UTC)
For some reason the first thing I imagined was a gold crown, like a king, permanently attached to the top of your head. Maybe you should look into that...
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