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Okay, I have no new resolutions, not really. But writing down my existing goals will help me clarify my ongoing goals.
  • Project 30... aka get healthy and lose (as of now) around 55 pounds
    kinda sucking it up at the moment, due to the holidays, but I'm back on track now. I just need to increase my exercisin'.

  • The Moonbase
    It's time to get serious about this goal. This is a 3 step process, as I see it.
    1. Clean the crap out of the Moonbase, throwing away unecessary junk... Been working on this since Christmas, and have already made dramatic improvements. My bedroom will be clean any day now (for a given value of clean).

    2. Keep the Moonbase clean... this mainly involves putting stuff away and throwing away trash and stuff

    3. Improve the Moonbase
      This involves a lot of expensive things. Right now my priorities are:
      1. Hardwood floors. I want them.
      2. Wooden Fence. Privacy... yum!
      3. Nicer trimmings- fancier curtains/rods, furniture, etc...
      4. new kitchen counter tops
      5. bathroom rennovation- main tub needs replacing and the bedroom shower wall is seperating from the shower... hard to explain
      6. the furnace needs replacing
      7. the yard needs work.
  • Improv
    This of course is a big big category, and can probably be split into personal and troupe goals, at least.

    Troupe Goals
    • Keep everyone happy, enthusiastic, and motivated to be in the troupe
    • perform in a few out of town festivals
    • Invent and hone some new formats to add to our toolbelt
    • Build our name up in terms of recognition
    • Build up more of a fanbase
    • Consistently kick ass
    • come up with and implement more outlandish ideas

    Individual Goals
    • TA an improv class
    • get better at spacework
    • get better at character work
    • pick my projects wisely
  • Music
    • play concertina on a daily basis
    • play uke on a daily basis
    • form/join a band
There are, of course, more personal goals, but those are for me.
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