Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

What's done is done, and what's won is won. And what's lost, is lost and gone forever.

I heard from Mindy last night that Wes "ZZ" Pascoe of Pubcrawler has died of liver cancer.

Wes (Bain), Kareem, Mindy, Brendan, and countless others used to go see Pubcrawler play on a weekly basis. They provided the musical salve for many deep wounds. There was singing, screaming, drinking, dancing, and laughing. It was great times.

Wes Pascoe was always really nice and friendly, and his gruff voice was perfect for belting out lines like the one in the subject.
Here he is drinking a Guinness mid-song:


Tags: death, pubcrawler
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