Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Car update

The plot regarding my Mini Cooper. thickens.

It's been a month since my car broke down and self-destructed on the way to Houston. It's still at the dealership. The engine's been replaced (at Jiffy Lube's expense), and the suspsension has been repaired (at my expense because that's unrelated). The dealership's just waiting on a check from Jiffy Lube. The bumper's still off (estimated 680 dollars to replace). I've been putting off calling the Tow Truck Company again because they've been pretty unresponsive so far and never call me back when they say they will.

About 20 minutes ago I was idly checking my American Express card balance to make sure it was zero. All my balances have been consolidated to a new, shiny Discover Card with 0% balance transfers for a year, but there's always a little bit of interest that creeps in.

There was a $491 charge from Advantage Car Rental.

First off, I still have the rental car. Second, Jiffy Lube is supposed to be paying for it. Thirdly, what? I called them, and they told me that the charge was for the daily cost of liability insurance. When I first picked the car up, I didn't have my insurance card on me, so I paid for a day's worth of liability (18 bucks). I came back the next day, waved my insurance card around, and was told everything was okay. Anyhow, something went wrong, apparently, and they kept charging me. Woo. They say they're going to fix things and credit my account.

I decided to call the tow truck company while I was still filled with rage and righteous indignation. The tow truck company claims that the bumper can be easily repaired with replacement clips, that they're willing to do it, and that it will take no more than 2 hours. The dealership told me the bumper needs to be replaced.

So do I trust the towing company? I mean, my trust of businesses is wearing pretty thin.
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