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knock 3 times quickly, two times slow, and 1 time really slow [Feb. 2nd, 2007|01:10 am]
Roy Janik
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We finished our first 1930s show tonight. It went really really well. It started out slowly, but it built and built and built until we were all just nuts by the end of it. I'm chuckling to myself about it still, which is always a good sign. And Shannon did an excellent Spices, and though I didn't see it, I hear IFE's show was fantastic.

So good vibes all around. Wes surprised us all before our show by revealing to us and the audience that we had performed 50 shows. He then played a video commemorating this fact.

Oh wait, here it is:

How awesome and sweet is that?

[User Picture]From: quaskye
2007-02-03 09:09 pm (UTC)
The 1930s show was incredible, one of my favorite ones of all time.
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