Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

the parade of the absurd

My roof that was fixed is still leaking. They're looking into it.  The leak is actually worse than it was pre-$450 repair.

I shouldn't have to, but I bet I wind up paying more for it. No one's talked to me about my car recently. They were supposed to call the tow truck company and the mini dealership and then call me back. The mini cooper dealership promised to call me back, too, to let me know status. No one called me for about two days.

So I called my insurance. They said that they'd called the tow truck company and someone named bob had said that since I drove the car onto the ramp, they weren't paying. And that's more or less that. What? Don't insurance companies have some sort of recourse? I asked if she'd talked to their insurance company, and she said no. She said she was going to send them a letter requesting payment, but couldn't find their address online. I looked it up while talking to her, found it in the first hit, and read it to her. She said she'd faxed the estimate and authorization to pay (minus my 500 deductible) to Mini Cooper. So they'll pay something like 160 bucks.

So I then called the dealership, and the guy I've been dealing with says "I haven't heard from anyone". Thanks. He didn't call to tell me that like he promised. But whatever. He's faxing me an authorization form so they can get started.

So I called my insurance back and gave them his number and asked them to sort it out.

Jesus Christ.

Ever since Milton Friedman died, no one pursues excellence anymore.
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