Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Lemme explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up

So I'm going to combine my actions of the day into one post, and try to be brief about it:

1) Christmas shopping. Got a frame (with dragonflies on it) for my Dad & his wife. Now all I need is a picture to put in it. Got a 50 dollar gift-certificate for my nephews Ryan & Tyler to Electronics Boutique, so that they can buy a dreamcast game. Still need something to buy for Paul and Crystal.

2) Bought Princess Mononoke on DVD, on a lark. Still, a good investment.

3) Cut off all my hair....

4) Just kidding.

5) Went to Home Depot and got copies of my apartment key made. Gave one to Wes, so that the cats won't starve whilst I'm away.

6) Went to James & Sara's. Gave James his gift (collection of cheapass games) and Sara her's (a nice copper-leafy candle holder & candle).

7) Proceeded to play D&D with James, Wes, and Mark. Went well, and we finally are knee-deep in action. This is actually my first "serious" D&D experience. It was also the first night of gaming that I didn't drink at all. It was strictly root beer for me tonight.

8) Talked to a lot of people! Cashiers, mostly. The guy at Central Market complained to me about the previous customer in line. That was amusing. Alicia from Home Depot is a broadcast journalism major, and liked my necklace (eris). She also hates KVRX, and we talked about how they intentionally try to suck. It's funny 'cuz it's true!

9) Walked into the scariest store on Earth. Right next to OfficeMax is a store that I mistakenly thought said "Goldsmith's". As I walked towards it, I noticed an even larger number of SUVs than normal. I thought, hmmmm... that's odd. I walked inside and immediately realized my mistake. It was Golfsmith's! There were clubs everywhere, and yuppies as far as the eye could see. I spent about 3 minutes in there, but I think I've been damaged for life.

Erm, that's about it.
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