Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

improv summary

The more I think about Parallelogramophonograph's show at the Double Barrel last night, the more I like it.  It was weird weird weird, featuring at least 3 patently insane characters (myself, Kaci, and Val). But everyone in the cast really broke out of their normal improv patterns and explored other possibilities. There were awkward conversations, long pauses and spurious glances. The only thing I regret is that the show itself got cut early so our story didn't get wrapped up in a neatish little bow. But ah, well.

And the Perfect Season show went fantastically. Kaci and I played 2 old vaudeville performers telling stories from our lives. 2 person improv has a couple of things going for it: 1) you're in the whole show. There's never a chance to check out or start panicking in the wings. 2) you really have to be hyper-focused on your scene partner.

The Cagematch didn't happen. Threefield is dead. Long live John Frum Day.

God, I love improvising with my troupe. In any combination.

Val, when are we doing One Too?
Kareem, let's work on that Vaudeville thing.
Aquaman, you go... TALK TO SOME FISH!

Tags: improv, perfectseason, pgraph
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