Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

No Dog Johnson

Valentine's Day was great. I'm fully aware of what a contrived holiday it is and all that, but any day where I have an excuse to go out to a fancy restaurant with Kaci is alright by me. Not that I need the excuse. Shame Kaci was sick and couldn't taste a lot of the food. I assured her it was delicious. And Kaci got me socks! My love for socks of various colors and textures is something I totally got from Dave when he lived at the Moonbase. But now that he's in Japan, I'm free to indulge myself. The socks were from St. Edwards, and they're cushy and soft. One day I'm gonna have to learn how to organize them better.

Tonight was our 3rd of 4 1930s shows. Tonight's theme was "Riding the Rails", AKA Hobo Fest 2007. or 1937. Whatever. It was delicious fun. We're pushing pushing pushing our skills in all directions and it feels good. Tonight's show was the first show we've ever done that was "one long scene". It all took place in a rail car headed for Pekihido, Idaho or something. Hobos got on and got off throughout the journey. So we played different characters throughout, though the scene never got wiped. We had the stage littered with 2 barrels, a big cushion, chairs, and a bench. Kaci, as "Crumblin' Mo", had a wooden spoon and a biscuit, and hid inside one of the barrels. I started out as Singin' Sammy or something, and tried to sing a song about everything.


Tags: 1930s, bigmoment, improv, kaci, kaciandme, pgraph, valentinesday, victory
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