Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

golf, birthday, and shows

Item 1: I want to play some mini golf. All this talk of poisoned Peter Pan has got me thinking about Peter Pan Mini Golf.

Item 2: Project 30 hasn't really happened. So there's a slight modification... instead of getting in the best shape of my life by the time I turn 30, it'll be getting in the best shape of my life during my 30th year... this will enable me to be a little more sane about my plan. Also, I've been a lazy sod.

Item 3: Speaking of 30, my birthday actually falls on a Saturday this year. So there will be a big big party at DM-1 this year, and you're all invited. Especially you.

Item 4: Shows this week:
*Thursday, 8PM, Coldtowne- Last Parallelogramophonograph 1930s show,
*Friday, 10PM, Hideout- Kaci and Jill's last One Woman Showdown (Harry Potter and It's a Wonderful Life One Woman shows)
*Saturday, 8PM, Coldtowne- Last Whirled News Tonight, starring most of PGraph
*Saturday, 10PM, Hideout- Kareem and I direct Maestro, Kaci, Wes, and a slew of good players perform

Coldtowne is at 4803 Airport Blvd.

Tags: birthday, calltoaction, fitness, improv, lies, pgraph
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