Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik


So IBM's sending me to Raleigh for a week for a lot of meetings. I'm heading out Sunday afternoon and returning next Saturday afternoon.

Here's just a short chronological list of events I'll be missing out on:

* Sunday, 1PM: AIC general meeting
* Sunday, 4PM: Parallelogramophonograph rehearsal
* Sunday, 8PM: Level 3 improv graduation show
* Tuesday, 9:30PM: PGraph in the Carousel Lounge Extravaganzarama (with Jerm Pollet &  Tom Banjo's Cranky Show!)
* Thursday, 8PM: PGraph presents "Objectifying Chris Allen", with Kazillionaire*, at Coldtowne Theater

And I'll be away from Kaci for a week, which sucks. But we're probably going on some sort of vacation the following week, so it balances.
Tags: improv, pgraph, raleigh, work
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