Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Please come see us tonight. It's important!

Pgraph presents: Family Portrait
w/Available Cupholders, too!

8pm at Coldtowne (48th & Airport)

Based on a suggestion from the audience, Pgraph will create a family and give you an intimate look into their life. Is Jenny pregnant? Keith going off to college? Maybe Dad's decided to become a Free Mason? Who knows. It'll be grounded and funny and chock-full of potentially awkward family moments.

If you've been meaning to see us perform for a while, tonight's the night! I've been told that a reviewer might show up tonight, so the more people we have in the audience, the better. Available Cupholders kick 9 kinds of ass, too.
Tags: familyportrait, improv, pgraph
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