Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

singing the song of spring

Last night Kaci did our 3rd Perfect Season show. We went crazy exploring the relationship between a living rock troll/dwarf (me) and a fairy (kaci). It was fun. It was a small house (11 people), but it went well. We sang a song, we danced, we attended a therapy session, had a tea party, and kaci rode out on my back. F-U-N.

And the PGraph show on Thursday really hit our goals with the Family Portrait format square in the head.

And the Tuesday was the PGraph show at the Carousel Lounge, where we played games and Val sang a song about the Beastie Boys.

And tonight I do Theatresports, which should be totally different than all that.

Also, last night we hung out with Leah and Taylor (new friends!), which was unplanned and fun. It sucks that those guys are moving just as we're getting to know them. Ah, well, they'll be back one day.
Tags: improv, perfectseason, pgraph
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