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Roy Janik

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[Dec. 23rd, 2000|12:01 am]
Roy Janik
Went to a Christmas tree decorating party tonight with both of my brothers. This was at the apartment of one of Roger's classmates. It was fun, and I carried the tree in all by my lonesome. I brought Rick's Spiked Lemonade with me, and managed to drink two before the rest were dessimated.

Unfortunately for me, there were lots of goodies to snack on at the party, and my willpower couldn't hold up. I didn't pig out exactly, but still. Here's hoping I can survive Christmas without too much weight-gain.

The people at the party were nice. Topics of conversation included ren. fairs, the Austin music scene, spelling bees, the Austin high-tech scene, and what really goes on at NASA.

Roger's still at the party, but Bobby and I left right before the "drinking games" began. Why, you ask, did I not simply stay and go home with Roger? Am I sick of getting drunk? Am I worried about a hang-over, or making a fool of myself? No... it's simply the calories in all that alcohol I would have consumed. Isn't that sad?