Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

The Night of 1000 Santas

Phil stopped by the Janik brothers' abode last night, around 7:30. We headed up to an Irish Pub called Molly's. We got a pitcher of Harp, put some songs in the jukebox, and proceeded to play darts (we had both brought our own). Phil stomped me, but that wasn't the point. Oddly enough, we were about the youngest people there.

About 2 1/2 drinks down, I was too tipsy to drive (I'm a wuss), so Phil drove us to the next place, the Brewery Tap, downtown. Evidentially on Wednesday nights a bunch of Rennies congregate there, play the bagpipes, and have a grand old time. This night, however, it was pretty calm. Phil introduced to a bartender he has a crush on named Cathy, and we proceeded to play darts some more. This time I actually managed to beat him once.

And then it happened. At least 40 Santa Clauses walked into the bar. Short, tall, male, female, you name it. They started chanting "free beer for Santa" over and over again. When that didn't' work, they switched to "dollar beer for Santa". When even that tactic failed, they tried a half-hearted, "half off Guinness for Santa". Cathy was having nothing of it, so they left. Very nice surreal touch to the night.

Came home, and watched Cannibal the Musical with Roger.

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